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    Guangzhou Suplast Co., Ltd

    Expert of Admixtures & Concrete

    Excellence in Polycarboxylate-based Concrete Admixtures


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       Suplast® concrete admixtures are based on the polycarboxylate technology, up to 35% water-reduction can be obtained.  Different products of unique formulation are available.

          Our experts have been working on the polycarboxylate polymer technology since 2002, so we can keep our products state-of-the-art.  Our own factory is located in ZengCheng, the east part of Guangzhou, with output of 10000 tons per year.

          The products meet the requirements of GB8076-2008, standard of the P. R. of China.

        SPT-B60 pure polycarboxylate polymer with 50% concentration, up to 35% water-reduction, used for high  range water-reducing , workability and slump retaining admixture.
        * SPT-B2060 Time-released or reactive polycarboxylate polymer , used for retaining slump for 60-120 minutes or longer time. Under high pH value (more than 12) of cement mixture, The SPT-B2060 hydrolyzes  and becomes another polymer with high range water reduction, and this released water-reducing polymer  can continuously supply superplasticizing action in the concrete mixture.


        * SPT-MSA40 special type of polycarboxylate polymer with 30% concentration, up to 25% water-reduction, used for  improving the viscosity and workability of concrete mixtures dosed with normal polycaroxylate, clearing up segregation, water bleed and settlement.
        * SPT-A80D pure polycarboxylate polymer with 50% concentration, up to 35% water-reduction, used for high strength precast concrete products. The slump retention (30-60 minutes) is suitable for precast concrete products. It can decrease the setting times, accelerate hydration and increase the early and long term compressive strengths of concrete.  

            The concentrated polycarboxylate polymers are not directly used for concrete mixing. They are usually diluted with water and/or combined with other polycarboxylate polymer (such as SPT-B60+SPT-MSA40)  and/or some retarders (sodium gluconate etc.) in order to prolong the set times of concrete for long-distance transport or some special purposes. The appropriate  concentration of application is about 20%.

            Technical supports for applications are always prompt, effect and satisfied from our experienced engineers.

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